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Tango Innovation Study week: 5-11 August 2013 [near Toulouse, France]


Beautiful rural setting and locally sourced food!

Organized and facilitated by Adriana Pegorer


… explorations without frontiers … process ... embracing…

 …questions … develop… solutions … new … old … tradition …

  … challenging … writing … cultures … play … globalization …

… composition … performance … group work … hiking …

  … independent study … support … drawing ... dancing … wi-fi available!!



This week focuses on:

- cultural, aesthetic and political contexts of tango

- the reciprocity of theory and dancing

- interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations

- producing, or be part of, a short piece of work


This week welcomes dancers, writers, musicians, visual artists.         


The day will include:

-  workshop (somatic awareness principles, contact improvisation, tango, contemporary, pilates and contacTango)

- guided discussions (each participant select one or more article/s to read followed by discussion, discussion of videos and documentaries watched)

- screenings (a selection of outstanding and innovative pieces - you can contribute to the selection!)

- self-directed study/rehearsals (if you already have an idea you want to develop you can access one of the studios for part of the day. You are asked to participate in the sharing at the end)

- open dancing (jamming, milonga, practica all rolled into one)


The week will also include:

- a guided walk to the nearby woods

- sharing of the work

- saturday tango instruction for the locals and optional performance followed by open dancing (tbc)



Fee: €200

(if you also attend Tango Diferente 2013 the fee is discounted to €160)


Accomodation & food: 

in dormitory €25 per day

(large space with 15 beds, sheets provided)

in tent €20 per day


Hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses nearby (10-20 minutes walk)

Please e-mail me for a complete list!!


What is 'new' in tango and what is 'old'? What is in between, what is tango today? One could argue that tango was originally born out of a fusion, what were its elements? Who has contributed to the 'innovations' in tango and beyond? We will read and watch selected examples, ranging from tango to flamenco, contemporary dance to ballet followed by discussions and the production of a max 3 minutes original piece by the participants (in the form of dance, writing, drawing, video, performance art or installation).


Location: Au Brana

From Toulose take a train to Agen (40 minutes) and get off at Lectour! From there we can organize a van to pick you up or you can take a taxi or bus.




ARRIVING ON monday THE 1st July after lunch AND DEPARTURE ON sunday THE 7th JULY after breakfast


Last year we were a group of 60 enthusiastic fusion people, join us for what is going to be another exceptional week!


Edwine Fournier (Paris)is a rare expert in the field of the fusion of tango with contact improvisation, having offered regular weekly classes in Paris since 2000, creating a group of enthusiasts which exist to this date. In addition, she presented her dance-theatrical show around France and organized several workshops for guest teachers. Arguably, she brought the seeds of her fusion into Buenos Aires at a time when Tango and CI was not yet thought to be merged. Edwine provides the group with delicate directions from attentive observation rooted in knowledge and experience of Tango and Contact Improvisation separately and also combined.

She is leading a laboratory on a tango and contact mixed score with a research group of dancers, Collectif Tangible, in order to built a pratical space where we can play with the mixed material. The laboratory is based on the pratique of the underscore (Nancy Stark Smith ) to create a organic and social dance in a specific space.

Workshop and/or class teachers:


Astrid Weiske (Berlin)

Gabriele Koch (Wuppertal)

Tobias Funke (Bremen/Hamburg)


Extra teachers:

Claus Springboard (Copenaghen)

Enrique van Doezelaar (Amsterdam)

Karine Grenier (Paris)

Natascha Russo (Hamburg)

Sonja Armisen (Munich)


Some participants feedback from Tango Diferente 2012:

“Interesting styles of ideas and teaching”

“I love how the ‘all classes included’ idea works in practice that supports the exchange of ideas totally”

“Many different possibilities for dancing…thanks!”

“Different ways of looking at tango and other dances”

“Connecting contact improvisation and tango in a single discourse rather than treating them as distinct episodes”

“It takes lots of guts to propose such an event and lots of talent to make it as successful as it has been! Thank you Adriana!”

“New inspirations to feel and to expand the tango mood to somewhere else….”

“Great, inspiring, highly professional workshops. Open playful attitude”

“I feel full with new experiences and new thoughts”

“I really enjoyed the new experiences and meeting so many interesting people from all over Europe and the world! The hospitality at Ponderosa was wonderful”

For more information on the event, more feedbacks, bookings, etc please go to:

Saturday 1st of June 2013 @ London Contact Improvisation

Tango & Contact Improvisation with Adriana Pegorer


Class: 1 - 3 pm

Jam: 3 pm - ?? pm

Class £7    Class and Jam £9     Jam £4

Booking is not required.

Please come 15 minutes early to register and change to start PROMPTLY!


Moving East Centre for Dance, Martial Arts and Complementary Medicine

St Matthias Church Hall, Wordsworth Road, Stoke Newington

London N16 8DD


Monday 13th of May 2013 @ Independent Dance

Tango & Contact Improvisation


Time: 6.30- 8.30 pm

Price: £ 5 Level: All

Where: Roof Studio at Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Rd SE1 6ER London

Sunday 3rd March 2013

2 - 7 pm: Open level workshop with Adriana Pegorer



This workshop is an invitation to explore principles of dynamic alignment - how to find a flexible axis of support for everything from daily balance and movement to partner dancing. The workshop will draw from principles of Pilates and Ideokinesis.


We will do some exercises lying on a mat (please wear comfortable clothing), standing, moving and dancing on your own and in partnership.


Tea breaks, time for open dancing (you can bring your tango shoes!)


Workshop: £22 / £20


Location: Essex Church,

112 Palace Gardens Terrace,

London W8 4TR

Tube: Notting Hill Gate (few minutes walk)


Sunday 3rd February 2013

2-3.30 pm: open level workshop with Adriana Pegorer

“walking improvisation in a flexible embrace”

3.30-7 pm: open dancing – tango, CI, both or something else…!?

Celebrating Tango Release 4th Anniversary – different music will be played, including traditional and electronic tangos.


Workshop; £12   Dancing: £4    Both: £14

Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4TR

Tube: Notting Hill Gate (few minutes walk)

The Tango Release sessions started with a snow storm in February 2009 at the Siobhan Davies Studios! I took it as a very good sign, although it did compromise a little participant’s attendance…

The sessions have been running on most first Sunday of each month, with a class and sometimes a space for jamming. Although I have taught most of the sessions, many teachers were invited, including Bennie Bartels (Feldenkrais Method, March 2010), Mark Walsh (Aikido, May 2010), sister Ajan Uppeka (Meditation, June 2010), Sebastián García Ferro (Creative Partnerships, July 2010), Fiona Millward (Franklin Method, March 2011), Charlotte Rivero ('Roles in Motion', April 2011), Alexandra Baybutt (Tango & Bartenieff/Laban May 2011), Alex Crowe (Skinner Releasing Technique, October 2011), Michael Parmenter (Barefoot Tango, February 2012).

I had the pleasure to share my teaching’s idea in other settings also, including the London New Year Jam 2009 and 2012, the Bristol National Jam 2009, Phantastango 2010, 7th Queer Tango Festival Stockholm 2010, 10th Hamburg Queer Tango Festival 2011, Colloque International 'Tango: Creation, Identification, Circulation' in Paris, Tango Diferente London, the 2nd Berlin Queer Tango Festival, the Contact Tango Festival Wuppertal and at the Nueva Milongueras /Queer Tango Hamburg.

A special thanks to Independent Dance for including me in their Monday Nite Improvisation’s programme in the last few years, the Siohan Davies Studios and to Jenny at the Essex Church.

This tango fusion took me to Ponderosa where last summer I organized a research week called Tango Diferente with 16 teachers and 35 participants – dates for Tango Diferente 2013 will be announced soon.

It would be lovely to celebrate with you this journey that started at the Islington Arts Centre in London on the 6th of August 1999. Come and dance!



"Pegorer's solo, partnering a long pink boa,

 showed wit and intelligence......."

15.01.2013 Donald Hutera - The Times



Workshops and classes in Hamburg

Contango Festival Wuppertal
19-23 September 2012


Queer Tango Festival Berlin
26-29 July 2012

workshop and performance


14 July 2012

"E' andata cosi" Larkhall Park, London
part of Big Dance London

1-8 July 2012

"Tango Diférente" @ Ponderosa (Germany)

a week of workshops and classes exploring the fusion of  tango with Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Queer Tango, Meditation,  Pilates, Tai Chi, BodyMindCentering, Skinner Releasing Technique, Improvisation and more! 

 Lots of Jams, Milongas, Practicas and space to chill out....




Sunday 10th of June 2012

'Tango Diferente London'

a day to celebrate difference in dance!

2-10 PM Club Italia, 20 Brixton Road, SW9 6BU

FREE entrance! All welcome!

Classes in and with Tango Release, Queer Tango London and Freedom Tango.

2-3 pm Tango Release (Adriana Pegorer)
3-4 pm Queer Tango (Tim Flynn, Ray, Carolyn)

4-6 pm Dancing (alternating tangos with pop & disco)

6-7 pm Tango Release (Adriana Pegorer)
7-8 pm Freedom Tango (Peter Baldock)
8-10 pm Dancing (alternating tangos with pop & disco)

DJ: Ingo from Wotever Club (tangos, disco & pop)

 Dancers: Adriana Pegorer & Asta Moro at Bar Wotever


‘As part of the South London Big Dance programme, led by Siobhan Davies Dance.’



T A N G O   R E L E A S E   C L A S S
MONDAY 14th of May
Time: 6.30- 8.30 pm. Price: £ 4.50 Level: All
Where: Roof Studio at Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Rd SE1 6ER London
As part of the Independent Dance programme
Tango has been described as a dance of "ONE HEART WITH FOUR LEGS". We will explore the spaces of and around the heart and their potential for movement and connection to the limbs. This class develops partnering work into a playful dialogue drawing from Tango Argentino vocabulary and Contact improvisation principles.




The project will provide a series of inclusive specialized movement workshops, welcoming people living in the local Lambeth community and beyond, and in particular welcoming people with visual impairment. The workshops are open to everybody -sighted and non sighted- and they are free!

The workshops will be delivered by professional movement specialists. The techniques are particularly accessible to people with visual impairment as they foreground kinaesthetic empathy over visual mimesis.


Saturday 26th November 2011: Feldenkrais and Contact Improvisation with Simonetta Alessandri

Saturday 14th January 2012: Yoga with John Stirk

Saturday 4th February 2012: Piloting with Michael Parmenter

Sunday 5th February 2012: Tactics with Michael Parmenter

Saturday 18th February 2012: Butoh with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Saturday 25th February 2012: Feldenkrais and CI with Thomas Kampe

Sunday 11 March 2012: Skinner Releasing Technique with Alex Crowe

Sunday 18th March 2012: Tai chi chaun with Enid Gill

Sunday 25th March 2012: Skinner Releasing Technique with Gaby Agis

Sunday 1st April 2012: Ideokinesis with Glenna Batson

Sunday 15th April 2012: Tango with Ute Walter



Date: Friday 24th February
Hours: 7pm-11pm
Entry: Free
Venue: Islington Assembly Hall, Upper St
Accessibility: Full Wheelchair accessibility, for other need, get in touch
Celebrating the end of LGBT History Month 2012.
In aid of Albert Kennedy Trust
For Islington LGBT group and Camden LGBT Forum
Following recent success in the West End, join Ty Jeffries as his alter ego, down on her luck ex Vegas showgirl turned nightclub chanteuse Miss Hope Springs.
TANGO ARGENTINO mini class 7.30-8pm
you can lead or you can follow and you can change over any time you like!
With and by: Adriana Pegorer and Ute Walter
For more info please visit:
Music to Dance to by Jo Bunny, expect classics, hits and tango tunes...
SteamPunk baby!

Event Created by Wotever World for Camden LGBT Forum & Islington LGBT

Adriana Pegorer and Asta Moro performance at last year LGBT History Month.


Paris, 26-29 October 2011

"Performing gender in Milongas of Buenos Aires: exploring the binary within" by Adriana Pegorer



Sunday, 2nd October

Panel discussion

11 Years Queer Tango. About the relationship between queer being and queer consciousness. Happy theory vs. resistive practise?

with Paula Irene Villa (Munich), Adriana Pegorer (London), Charlotte Rivero (Stockholm), Felix Feyerabend (Hamburg), Marc Vanzwoll (Boston/San Francisco), Melanie Haller (Hamburg)

Tango Release workshop
The workshop develops partnering work into a playful dialogue drawing from contact improvisation and release based techniques principles.




.... teaching and directing the participant's show at PHANTASTANGO! in Germany in July 2011


.....presenting  'Close your eyes and!' research in Berlin, July 2011


Tango is a social practice layered with etiquette, and vision is one of its primary aspects. For example the "cabeceo", a brief nod employed to discreetly invite, accept and decline to dance, has a fundamental reliance on the exchange of gazes between prospective partners.

But the central role of vision is challenged by, amongst others, the late tango master Carlos Gavito, who proposed the absence of visual engagement for the follower during the dance -if motivated by the dance itself-. The kinaesthetic intention of moving as ‘one heart with four legs’ can, according to Gavito, be better achieved if the sense of sight is not used or is made void in the follower. The skilful leader accompanies the follower within a firm embrace around the dancing hall and amongst the other couples, with legs and feet sometimes touching.

What is the relation between vision and touch in dancing and learning tango?
Drawing on my experience of teaching tango to people with visual impairment, I will critically engage with this problematic. I will focus on how the quality of moving without seeing enriches the dancing and how my practice of release based techniques and Japanese butoh provided me with fundamental teaching tools that foreground kinaesthetic empathy over visual mimesis.