'Adagio, con Brio' 2008


"this amorphous piece gently posed legitimate questions about

style, gender and crossover form.. .. its strangely compelling,

dream-like quality pulled me along"               Donald Hutera


"deletes the sharp, stark images of its opening scene as it becomes a

delicate, haunting lament. It is exceptionally performed,

has no discernible meaning, but is truly beautiful Amy Johnson


         Dancers: Adriana Pegorer, Dylan Elmore, Robert Anderson, Wins Burnet-Smith.

  'Adagio, con Brio' duet 2006

Photos: Stills from performance video by Videoworks

       'Tango-esque is the fundation of the moves...'
                              '..complimented the music brilliantly...'
 'The slowness of their moves affords an opportunity to watch the imagery'

    'The relationship between video, music and Pegorer's movements with  
    Elmore brought an inspired interpretation of Tango. The subtle Tango
    like moves incorporated elegant, lithe intentions. This dance was 
    performed beautifully'
Thea Nerissa Barnes

  'A striking image of a woman turning slowly in a spotlight anchored by a 
   chain of shoes is the opening to Adagio con Brio'

           'The collage of Tango and Contact Improvisation is strong,
                            the video works also'

                                                                                Josephine Leask

Photos: Julia Burstein (rehearsals)
Dancers: Adriana Pegorer, Dylan Elmore,