“Dancer and teacher Adriana Pegorer highlights the centrality of     kinesthesia from a quite different cultural perspective. Pegorer teaches tango to visually impaired people. She writes that all the “glittering drama of courtship that this form of movement entails—with women in high heels and provocative dresses and the dominant attitudes of their male partners—is often what draws people in.” She goes on to emphasize, however,  that “if all that [‘that’ meaning all visual trappings] is removed it’s the kinesthetic sense of the dance, its essential aroma, which still remains”

page 36 in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Springer 2011.

2007 Internship with Troikaranch Dance Company for 'Loop' production, 3 Legged Dog Studios, New York  USA

2007 National Identiy and Cultural Translations' with Prof Marta E. Savigliano & Prof Jeff Tobin, GLOSAS Centre, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 2007 (6 weeks) (ACE award)

2003 Live-1 Interactive Multimedia in Performance, New York, USA (3 weeks) (ACE award)