'Performing Gender in Milongas  of Buenos Aires'

presented at the  Colloque intenational : 'Tango: creation, identification, circulation' PARIS, November 2011


'Close your eyes and... dance: touch and vision in Argentine tango"

Confererence "Touching and to be Touched - Kinesthesia and Empathy in Dance" BERLIN, July 2011


Tango is a social practice layered with etiquette, and vision is one of its primary aspects. For example the "cabeceo", a brief nod employed to discreetly invite, accept and decline to dance, has a fundamental reliance on the exchange of gazes between prospective partners.

But the central role of vision is challenged by, amongst others, the late tango master Carlos Gavito, who proposed the absence of visual engagement for the follower during the dance -if motivated by the dance itself-. The kinaesthetic intention of moving as ‘one heart with four legs’ can, according to Gavito, be better achieved if the sense of sight is not used or is made void in the follower. The skilful leader accompanies the follower within a firm embrace around the dancing hall and amongst the other couples, with legs and feet sometimes touching.

What is the relation between vision and touch in dancing and learning tango?
Drawing on my experience of teaching tango to people with visual impairment, I will critically engage with this problematic. I will focus on how the quality of moving without seeing enriches the dancing and how my practice of release based techniques and Japanese butoh provided me with fundamental teaching tools that foreground kinaestheticempathy over visual mimesis.


'Close your eyes and... dance!'

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'From languid violins to eletronic beats: Tango Argentino in the New Millenium'


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'Performing Gender in Milongas  of Buenos Aires'

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