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     Tango Release  new class and practica/jam

         every first sunday of the month @ 2pm.

         Beginners welcome.

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  ------- Adriana is pleased to be involved in this madness and invites dance artists to apply! --------

   "An express without any delay....It's this kind of madness that makes                 

             the cultural world go round."                (The New York Times)

We are now looking for 60 dance works that range from tribal to ballet to hip-hop to ballroom to

contemporary and everything in between to mirror the diversity of audio styles.

Fresh from New York, 60x60 Dance is making its European debut in London at Stratford Circus

on Sat 24 July 2010.

Be a part of what's expected to be one of the most exciting dance events of the year !

register here to create and perform your 60 seconds:

Deadline: Mon 17 May, 12PM

For further information email or call 020 8279 1050. 





 Adriana will be teaching a session of Tango Release at the New Year Jam

 on the 1st of January 3- 6  pm followed by jam





     Adriana will be teaching a session of Tango Release at the Bristol National Jam on the 3rd October




          Saturday 25th of October 2008 @ University of Surrey

          Organized by The Department of Dance Studies and The Department

            of Music and Sound Recording at University of Surrey in collaboration

            with The Society for Dance Research.

          "From languid melodies to electronic beats:

                                Tango Argentino in the New Millenium"

What makes a Tango a Tango is largely due to its distinctive music, as it creates a particular atmosphere

 and mood. I was first moved to dance the Tango by its music, and it is still my main desire, to follow its

 melodies and rhythms.  I  had to  come to  terms with  the  poetry of  the traditional Tangos dwelling on

 melancholic  events leading to an over analytical and pessimistic view: lost friends and lovers, the distant

 idealized  mother, jealousy and  murders, life’s many  misery. Those were composed and written largely

 before 1940. There has been  a  distinct change in the late 1990s with the appearance of Electronic Tango

 music with bands such as  Gotan Project,  Tanghetto,  TangoFusionClub,  NarcoTango,  Bajofondo and


 Electronic  Tangos  rarely  indulge in  languid  and  pessimistic  romanticism as in the traditional Tangos,

 and ones is  transported  into the  dancing with a  different approach, with  more  emphasis  on rhythm

 than melody, or on movement  rather than  passion.



                                                Compositions from 60 composers

            Each composition 60 seconds or less performed in synchronization with an analog clock.

                     Each song is accompanied by choreography and presented in 60 minutes.

  Conceived by VoxNovus as a "churning wheel of new music production, performance and dissemination"

                                   Friday & Saturday, September 5th & 6th, 8pm, $10

                                    (I will be performing two short solos on saturday the 6th)

                                  Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, New York

                                                      G A L A P A G O S      W E B S I T E


 Adriana's 2 two minutes:                  


                              An International Conference 

       Body, Movement and Dance in Global Perspective

                                     24-26 July, 2008 

                                  國際會議: 舞影‧動身心

      Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Kowloon, Hong Kong

 Welcome  to the first international interdisciplinary conference on body, movement and

 dance to be jointly sponsored by Chinese and American Universities. Scholars and artists

 from Asia, Europe and the Usa will come together to facilitate a stimulating intercultural

 exchange of cutting edge ideas and to advance research on a broad range of movement

 practices across the globe. The conference is dedicated to honoring the life and

 pioneering work of anthropologistof human movemen Dr. Drid Williams D.Phil. Oxford



  Adriana Pegorer - 'Performing Gender: Tango in the Milongas of Buenos Aires'

 Argentine Tango, which has been called the world's most passionate dance, is performed

 in halls called Milongas. In this paper I look at the Tango dancers in several Milongas as

 a micro-society, in which broader, socially accepted gendered behaviour is repeated and

 seldom, if ever, contested. The performance of gender roles in Buenos Aires, ritualized

 with miradas, cabeceo, piropos and asados, empowers stereotypes of masculinity and

 femininity (the basis of Tango), with its "macho" men and their mistresses. The Milonga

 codes and Tango dancing provides a context where such stereotypes can be performed.

                          The focus of my investigation was to observe gendered behaviour in

 dancing, concentrating on the Argentinean Tango because the categorization of sexuality

 and gender in this dance form is particularly well defined. In this presentation, I will make

 some observations about social recreational activities that relate to food and courtship

 in Buenos Aires and investigate some parallels between the rules of Tango dancing and

 social roles in Buenos Aires.


    VIEW PRESENTATION (23 minutes total):

       PART ONE:


      PART TWO:


        PART THREE:


                    TANGO HYBRID FUSION

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       Tango with capoeira, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary dance,

        contact improvisation, parody, aikido, belly dancing, jive,

       break dance, dance theatre, latin, flamenco, clubbing, rap,

                street jazz, new technologies, and more....!

                               YOUR CONTRIBUTION




  Tango into Contact Improvisation - sat 24 May 2008

     with Adriana Pegorer @ London Contact Improvisation

                class 11.30-13.30   jam 13.30 till 16.30


Adriana aims to integrate different dance forms, particularly Tango, Butoh and CI as each one helps to strip and

inform the other's stereotypes: could Butoh be romantic instead of exaggeratingly- austere? ...could Tango be

subliminal instead of –obsessively- passionate? ....could contact be a solo instead of – continuosly- partnering?

During the class we will warm up with some Butoh exercises to then play with the intricacy of Tango leg work &

walking patterns, moving into spiralling partnered travel & simple lifted displacement.

  @ Moving East Centre for Dance, Martial Arts and Complementary Medicine

   St Matthias Church Hall   Wordsworth Road Stoke Newington London N16 8DD

   click here for LCI website and map


              Dance Research Conference      schedule

         15 March 2008 - Roehampton University, London, UK

  ´Performative Gender Rituals in Milongas of Buenos Aires´ by Adriana Pegorer



                                6 February 2008 @ 8 pm

                                    "A d a g i o,  c o n   b r i o"    

                        A re-work of the 2006 duet piece

            for 4 dancers with: Adriana Pegorer, Dylan Elmore,

                     Robert Anderson, Wins Burnet-Smith.

                          @ Resolution Festival, The Place,

                  Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Duke's Road, London, UK

           "An inspired interpretation of tango"      Critical Dance


         "this amorphous piece gently posed legitimate questions about

     style, gender and crossover form..
 .. its strangely compelling,

      dream-like quality pulled me along"             Donald Hutera


    "deletes the sharp, stark images of its opening scene as it becomes

        a delicate, haunting lament. It is exceptionally performed,

    has no discernible meaning, but is truly beautifulAmy Johnson      

                       watch video: 


      26th January 2008:  DANCE ETHNOGRAPHY FORUM 2008

                 @ De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
            De Montfort University and the Society for Dance Research

                                  including a short paper on:
  ´Performative Gender Rituals in Milongas of Buenos Aires´ by Adriana Pegorer


       12 December 2007     IV Festival Cambalache Buenos Aires, Argentina

        Video Danza Programme includes 'Double One' (2001, UK, 6 min)

Music by Ian Hill  



      ´Que te importa si transnocho'

aim to merge gender duality within the context of Japanese

Butoh (beyond gender) and Tango Argentino (gender defined)

to create a passage where the oppositions transfor and integrate. 


            with and by Adriana Pegorer,  videographer Simon Hyde

                 18 November 2007 @ USCITE D´EMERGENZA:

               XI Edizione della rassegnadi danza contemporanea e teatro danza

             and 25 November @ Tango Ball  TangoSouthLondon



The  tango  world and its  partnered  dance,  with its established  gendered  division o f roles,

provoked  Adriana’s reflections  and mobilized  her into practicing diverse strategies of unruly

intervention.  She questioned the arguable  passivity of the women’s role as followers in tango

dance by  displaying her abilities  as an active  dance partner  capable of  crisscrossing  the

gender  divide as a  provocative follower, as a  skillful leader, and as a resourceful improviser

of  gender-blind partnering styles.          In her double roles of participant and observer at the

milonga’s,  Adriana took  the risk to dance her research  questions in an  environment  that

reproduces  the gendered division of power by punishing active female dancers who do not

wish to wait to be asked for a dance,  who wish to introduce steps of their own, and  who wish

to change unsuitable partners whenever facing unpleasant dancing situations.      Adriana

intervened  as   an artiste provocateur    by knowingly refusing to accommodate to the tango

world codes, inciting local and foreign tango practitioners into discussing accepted gender

roles, power  relations, traditional versus transformative tango dance styles, and tango fusion

in the dance floor”

Report by Prof. Marta Savigliano on Adriana's participation in the course:

" National Identity and Cultural Translations " 




     Adriana Pegorer, Carlos and Tova Moreno, Marta E. Savigliano and Susan Rose during presentation


Dance the World Around: Global Transformations of Latin American Culture  

                    Radcliffe  Institute  for  Advanced  Studies
                         Harvard University,  Boston  (USA)

                                     26-27 October 2007

"Just as the conference broke new ground by bringing together popular

music and scholarly analysis, so Savigliano’s presentation created a new

genre by combining academic discourse with performance art"

                                                                           (Harvard Gazette)



Carlos and Tova Moreno (standing) and Adriana Pegorer perform for the dance

portion of  ‘Wallflowers and Femmes Fatales: Dancing Gender and Politics at the

Milongas´by Marta E. Savigliano. Choreography by Susanne Rose.

Photo Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office 

                       Conference details and videos


                     T A N G O    I N T E R V E N T I O N

                     @ C o n f l u x F e s t i v a l

                           New York City, 16 September 2007


            Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge (Manhattan-Queens)

Sarah La Rocca (from left), Lexa Rosean, Gayle Madeira and Adriana Pegorer


                 Adriana & Gayle Madeira (check GAYLE site here)


Adriana has also been selected for a 6 weeks internship with

in New York City for their new production "LOOP DIVER"  at 3LD 

For more information, blog, videos click here



 S U M M E R     2 0 0 7  - July/August

Artistic Director/Choreographer Adriana Pegorer has received an award 
  from Arts Council England, South East to attend an intensive
five week course:

" National Identity and Cultural Translations " 

The course will enable students to analyse and comprehend Latin American and
    Argentine national identity and culture through the study of machismo, tango,
    and sex and gender roles
.  Led by Prof. Marta E. Savigliano
   (author of 'Tango and the political economy of passion'
- Westview 1995)

and Prof. Jeff Tobin at GLOSAS  Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

               All the participants of the course (from USA, Greece, England, Korea, Japan)
                    including Professors Marta Savigliano and Jeff Tobin and 2 assistants.


    Adriana during the workshop on 'Crossing Gender' with the "Cosas de Machos" actresses and director.           


Adriana with Horacio Ferrer at the Academia de Tango