'Isasif'  at Inside/Out, National Theatre, July 2012  (Photo: Gigi Giannella)

 'Tango Diferente London' 
 dance improvisation with Kathy Crick, London, June 2012

 Tango & Contact Improvisational duet with Tobias Funke, Phantastango Festival, Germany, 2011 

 'Solo por un tal Gavito' re-visited, Phantastango Festival, Germany, 2011 

Participant's group performance, Directed by Adriana Pegorere, Phantastango, Germany, 2011

 'Solo por un tal Gavito' re-visited, Queer Tango Festival, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2011 

 "Tango with a
'Différance'" re-visited, by and with Adriana Pegorer & Asta Moro 
 LGBT Celebration, Islington Town Hall, London, UK 25.02.11 

 "Tango with a 'Différance" 
 by and with Adriana Pegorer & Asta Moro 
 a special performance at Drag King Bonanza for the launch of Diane Torr's book: 
 'SEX, DRAG AND THE MALE ROLES' at Bar Wotever, London, UK 15.02.2011 

 'Judith Butler argues that gender is performative and in her book 'Gender Trouble' she provides an   
 opening for subversive action. The title draws from Derrida's concept of "Différance" in which he  
 expressed the notion that words and signs can never fully summon forth what they mean and 
 introduced the force of 'spacing' to differentiate elements from one another. '

 'Dialog Project' Chichester Festival Theatre, UK 15.01.11
 with electronic tango band Otros Aires, Udify & Tanguera Dance Companies 
 part of Roots Around the World 

 'Instant Composition'  Bluecoat Theatre, Liverpool, UK  04.09.10 
 duet with Sebastian Garcia Ferro (Argentina/Spain) 

 60x60 Dance London, Stratford Circus, London, UK 24.07.10 
 part of Creative Weekend and  Olympic Countdown 

 'La Boca Tango' Big Dance Commission, London, UK 09.07.10 
 with performance artist Denis Buckley (
photos by Gigi Giannella) 

 Tango demonstration, London 
 with Matia Acosta 
 part of Silver Festival 2010   

 'Adagio con brio' quartet, Resolution! Festival 2009, London, UK 
 with Dylan Elmore, Robert Anderson and Winifred Burnet-Smith 

 60x60 Dance, Galapagos Art Centre, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2008 

 Tango Intervention, New York, 2008   

  'Wallflowers and Femme Fatales' by Marta E. Savigliano 
 Tango conference at Harvard University, 2007 Boston, USA 

Other performances & demos:

 Tango Contact with Robert Anderson, The Dome Tango Club, London, 2003


Ceroc International with Pastor Jurado, London, 2005

Glanstonbury Festival 2005, UK

 'Tango Graffiti' with AAAseed and Eyes web software, Imagina Festival, courtesy of

 MonacoDanceForum, Monaco, France, 2003

Tango and New Technologies, Portland Green & Company of Angels,  MonacoDanceForum, 2002

 Dance Extravaganza with Leroy Cornwall, Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 2002 

'Something Beginning with I' Zephir in Zanussi, SophieSalle, Berlin, 2001

'Tangoextravaganza' Chichester Fringe Festival, 2000

'Tango Vivo' concert with Leroy Cornwall, Bognor Regis, UK 1999